Prompt the Second

Here is the next writing prompt. And it is a good one!

“Visit a neighborhood you’ve never been to. Pick a random house. What’s the story behind that house and the people who live in it?”

If you can do a prompt the same day that is great, if not, no worries commit to doing it the next day. The object is to write everyday, not to finish it.

Try putting a time limit on your writing if you are using it as a warm-up. I do not like to do that because you never know where an idea can take you and a time limit may interrupt that.

Since I have been working on “Dirt” and some short stories, I have not needed to do the prompts. But I like this one and plan to use the photo above as my “house.” It is a house turned into a bar/restaurant in an old Polish neighborhood in Wyandotte, Michigan. It began life as a private drinking club during Prohibition. I have to fight the story back when I think of it.

Feel free to use my photo, but this one works better if go to a neighborhood and get a sense of it. The other thing I like about this one is it teaches you the difference between writing about a place from experiencing it and writing about it based on a photo.

I want to read what you write. Post in on blog making sure to include a link to this page and the tag FranklyWritePrompt, leave a link in the comments or send it to me using the form on the Submit page.

Let me know in the comments below.

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