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I love the way Dev Petty writes about words. It is similar to my own journey with words and books.

Nerdy Book Club

Sometimes I read posts here with a bit of envy. I read about people who went to their school library at recess and curled up with a book at every opportunity. I read about people who knew from birth that words and language and books would define their life, as a writer or a librarian or an editor.





When I was young, I read…sometimes. I picked a major for which one reads a lot of Plato and Hobbes. I read the paper. I read trashy novels each summer, but I was generally uninterested in words. There was other fun to have, things to do. Nowhere in my life-manual did it say, “Read. It will change you. Write. It will change everything.”

I might have discovered words in adulthood, but I found myself knee, no….waist, no….NECK deep in a visual effects career that would define the next…

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2 thoughts on “Finding the Words by Dev Petty

  1. susieshy45 says:

    Dear Cyn,
    As it is a Sunday, hope you are having a relaxing day. I am sending this message to find out if Merlin is ok and above all, are you ok ?
    Just to let you know that you are in my thoughts and also my prayers.


    1. CynFranks says:

      Yes, Merlin is okay and is coming home today with all four legs. The cancer has not spread as far as they can tell.


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