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The trouble with writing as a profession is you cannot point to it and say, “This is writing.” The word writer conjures the famous image of Charles Dickens seated at a desk, quill in hand furiously scrawling. That is not always the case. Writing Prompt Take a walk and think about what you are writing; …

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Bliss–is not a word you hear very often. In writing, it is good to change-up your nouns and this is a good one to keep in mind. But when writing fiction, this word is not as useful as you may think because it can mean something different to each person. Keep this is mind when …

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Water plays a role and everyone’s life. Ditch, stream, lake, river aqueduct, marsh, swamp, puddle; I am certain every person has a special water place in their memory. There are many to choose from when you grow-up in Michigan surrounded by the Great Lakes. I chose this spot along the Detroit River because it was …

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It was a good month for 50-word Stories. My story Composure was featured as the Valentine Day story on This encouraged Connell, a writer from Britain, to come over and take-up the challenge. He wrote ten 50-word stories using all the prompts.  Donna Johns of the Wishful Thinking blog wrote an amazing story about …

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Kids Don’t Walk to School Anymore

March 3, 2015

I live on a quiet suburban street. In fact, I have returned to the house I grew up in. There is an elementary school and a middle across the street; I attended both. The traffic is insane at drop-off and pick-up for both schools. I do not remember it being like that when I was in school. When it rained, cars would line-up in the driveway of the school, but they did not clog the street as you see here. And they drive like manics. When the weather is bad as it is today, many parents keep their kids home or must deal with this. The school bus from the high school across town also drops off students at around the same time. We need more good urban planners! Continue reading

Home Is Where the Scrub Brush Is

March 2, 2015

Home is where the heart is, is a popular saying, but as a person who has moved a number of times, I believe the quickest way to feel at “home,” in a new place is to get down on your hands and knees and clean it.

A thorough cleaning. Get out the toothbrush, dish soap, scrubby bubbles, Goo Gone, Magic eraser, Pine-Sol, Pine Tar, Mr.Clean, Lemon Fresh Pledge; whatever you feel is the best cleaning agent for the job. Fire-up the vacuum and do the rugs and furniture. Break out your favorite window cleaner and do them inside and out. Get down on your hands and knees and scrub the floors.

At the end of the day, sit in the middle of the room and pour yourself a whiskey and toast to space, “I am home.” You will be too tired and too buzzed to miss your old routines and old space. And It will smell more like the old one, like your place. Like your home. Continue reading

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