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It was a good month for 50-word Stories. My story Composure was featured as the Valentine Day story on This encouraged Connell, a writer from Britain, to come over and take-up the challenge. He wrote ten 50-word stories using all the prompts.  Donna Johns of the Wishful Thinking blog wrote an amazing story about corn. I only wrote two 50-word stories. The rules changed this month, the 50 words no longer include the title.

February Prompts



Cold turkey

Can do

Going to the dogs




Getting up early

Swimming lesson

By Donna Johns of the Wishful Thinking Blog


“Look!” she said, “If you stand candy corn on their tips, and put them in a row, they look just like an ear of corn.” She demonstrated. She was right.

“Honey,” I said, “that still doesn’t make candy corn a vegetable.”


I tried everything I know to find Donna’s blog and link to it, but no luck. If anyone knows what happened to it please let me know.

By Connell

In The Swim Of Things

It was Jack’s first swimming lesson and his instructor wasn’t about to take any nonsense, “Lads I want a good clean swim, NO Biting, Kicking or Hitting below the belt.” His mother heard and called her son over, “Let’s give Cheap Charlie’s Swimming Academy a miss today and swim elsewhere.”

This Broken Heart of Mine

Because of the accident she’d broken his heart. She felt she let him down miserably and now there was no way to make amends. The only thing she could do was tell him the truth. He didn’t mind at all. Broken or not the chocolate heart tasted just as sweet.

I legend

His exploits were considered legendary and every chance he got he would tell anyone in earshot. When he told them he‘d climbed Mount Everest and had been to the bottom of the sea it seemed plausible, but legend quickly became myth when he boasted he’d finally met an honest politician.

The Right Attitude

Nothing was too much trouble for Ed. His ‘can do’ attitude was infectious, but hated by the ‘can’t do’ members of his community. When they asked him to clean up the public areas, he was all over it. Then they asked him if he could drop dead. Ed was stuffed.

Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire.

Fred was so fired up about being fired that he set fire to his boss’s firebird. The fire-fighters quickly implicated a firebug and had a sure-fire plan that recommended hellfire for his crimes. Fred reflected on the smoldering wreck and wondered if it was too soon for a fire sale.

I Can’t See The Appeal

What was the sense in putting a ten gallon hat on a half pint head, but ‘God bless him’ Ted persevered. He wrapped a towel around his head and it seemed to fit. However, soon his eyesight started to fail him so the doctor made him take off his hat.

Put Your Money Where Your Life Is

Greyhound racing was definitely his forte and he would go to the dogs on a regular basis winning most nights. Reality reared its ugly head and providence being just that turned sour. Now we can see him going to the dogs both literally and metaphorically a little worse for wear.

Insidious Snacks

One day corn said to his peers, “Now that you’re all ears, I have something to tell you. The future’s ours.” This acorn of an idea, not so cornball, eventually led to corn puffs, corn chips and the father of the movement…. popcorn. World domination was only a snack away.

Winter Solace

Winter was a bleak and miserable time of year. None were hit more severely than the turkeys. They froze to death in numbers too big to ignore. So alarmed farmer Jake became when his whole flock succumbed, he decided to go cold turkey and refrain from eating any this year.

The Nightlife

Being a night owl I can go out to nightclubs, bar and amusement parks, and it is always exciting to meet and invite new people for dinner. Being a creature of the night means there is no getting up early, although I must sleep in a coffin during the day.

By Cynthia Franks

Swimming Lesson

I was four feet tall and the water was six. I climbed on my sister to get away from the swallowing water pushing her down into it. I ignored the shouts of adults to calm down and float. I climbed for my life. Lifeguards are worth their weight in gold.

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