Bliss and Four-Senses Writing Prompt

iMac with Spotify on the screen and Mac laptop with a manuscript on the screen.
Bliss is a pile of words to edit and good music playing in the background.

Bliss–is not a word you hear very often. In writing, it is good to change-up your nouns and this is a good one to keep in mind. But when writing fiction, this word is not as useful as you may think because it can mean something different to each person. Keep this is mind when using it.

Writing Prompt

Define bliss for your villain and then for your hero. To get some an idea of different states of blisses, check out the “Bliss” images for Photography 101 by using the tag Photo101.

To add another layer to your writing, try to evoke bliss for each character using the senses of sound, taste, touch and smell. We are very sight centered, but when trying to connect readers to a character it is stronger to use something other than sight. It takes more work, but is well worth it in the end.

The Bliss

In Photography 101, the assignment was to photograph my idea of bliss. There is no greater state of bliss than to be absorbed in rewriting a story with good music playing in the background; I can and do spend hours like this and seems like minutes. When I was younger, it was writing the first draft I liked. I realized over the years first drafts are fun and provide instant creative gratification, but true bliss is transforming an ordinary story into something extraordinary–true other people and a true other world with no hiccups.

The Photo

It was tricky capturing lighted screens clearly without a distracting moiré pattern. The laptop screen slants and looked weird when I straighten it, so I had to make a choice where to focus. I wanted the word count visible, but over-all I felt this photo was the most effective. I think the big flaw is the subject is dead center and a bit busy. I may try some other configurations over the weekend.

I learned how to add captions to my photos and descriptive text for the seeing impaired. Very cool.

If you write something based on this prompt copy and paste a link to this page in the post (This creates a ping back and I will be notified so I can read  your work.)  Use the tag FranklyWritePrompt so I  and others will be able to find it. Or you can send it to me using the form on the Submit page.


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  1. Thank you!. Some days it is easy, and then somedays I have to burn a lot of brain gas. I don’t how else to justify posting the photos on my blog. LOL.


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