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It is amazing the prompts that spark the most stories. For April 2015 it was “foolish.” I did not expect that.

The Stories

This story from  876lover tickled me because it is a very different use of the prompt.


In our bundle, we held the left corner, facing the stage. Excitement flowing from our chatter. The music started with just a bass line, the drums rolled in, followed by strumming keys, and the guitar. As the music sped up so did our bodies and feet, we are the Armshouse Crew.

Then the author added this note:

*Almshouse is translated to Armshouse in Patois, which means foolishness.

Technically, this is not a story. It is a moment in time, but it effectively puts you in that moment. I can feel the foolish exuberance of youth, can you?


Using the “soup” prompt, Angie Lin of the MuddiedThoughts blog, expresses grief in an interesting way.


Like Grandmother’s thick, vegetable soup he’ll never have again, grief simmers in his stomach.


Mama tries to cheer him up with a steaming pot of creamy tomato. One spoonful is enough to spark memories of Grandmother rocking beside the fireplace, a warm smile, now ashes. He cries, splattering red puddles.

Again more of a moment than a story, but these are hard. I think it would be better without the divider.


Angie also tackled the “foolish” prompt.


He finds the world ‘stunning’ through stars of eyes. She finds him stunning behind smaller galaxies.


It is foolish for her to do this. The ribboned box sits awkwardly in her hands. But when the boy opens it to discover a new telescope, everything is unmistakable.

“How stellar,” he whispers.

I found this story interesting, but a bit confusing. I would clarify the beginning and retitled it. It has character development and potential to be a wonderful 50-word story. The divider is not needed. Good work.

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4 thoughts on “50-word Story Round-up April 2015

  1. jabrush1213 says:

    You did a great job with these stories, the biggest trouble I have with numbered word challenges is keeping them to that specific number to begin with.


    1. CynFranks says:

      That is where the challenge comes in! It is good editing practice.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jabrush1213 says:

        Yes, it is, even though I sometimes end up frustrated saying grrrr the whole time.


      2. CynFranks says:

        I am always saying grrrr when I’m editing.


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