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August 10, 2015

I do not feel well today. I am suppose to post a writing prompt or something inspirational today. I do not feel like doing either. Tomorrow I need to post a writing tip. Because I have planned out my editorial calendar, I know what I need to write for tomorrow and am sitting at the keyboard writing it in Scrivener. Before the editorial calendar, I would have not posted anything today or tomorrow. But because I knew what I needed to write for tomorrow, it was easier to sit down and do it. That inspired this post.

When things are rolling, it doesn’t matter if you have a plan; but when they are not, a plan is everything.

Read about creating an editorial calendar click here

How do you make yourself do something you don’t feel like doing when you are not one hundred percent?

6 thoughts on “Have a Plan, Stan.

  1. jabrush1213 says:

    Try to find a bright side, also play music while I am doing what I don’t want to do.


    1. LOL. Those are usually my excuses for not writing when I don’t feel up to it. I tell myself, “I’ll think it through.” or “Reading helps with writing.”


  2. barbara yohn gergle says:

    I take a deep breath and force myself to start. It’s funny how things get going once I get started. I keep on telling myself to keep moving!


    1. Yes, getting started is the hard part for me.


  3. kiwigrannz says:

    How do you create the type writer font? do you require a premium account? It Is quite effective….


    1. It is the Title font in the Theme I use on my blog called Bloggy. The typeface has several different names depending on the type system you are using. It used to be called American Typewriter in the Adobe system. On PicMonkey it is Special Elite. I use PicMonkey to do the photo titles. I used to be a typesetter and have a good eye for type. Playing around with PicMonkey one day I realized it was the same font used on the Bloggy theme.

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