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The number one reason writers of short fiction get rejected is they do not read the magazine before submitting their work. I know this sounds odd, but it is true. Most writers have no clue where their short stories fall on the literary spectrum. If you are a writer of short fiction and are asked …

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August 10, 2015

I do not feel well today. I am suppose to post a writing prompt or something inspirational today. I do not feel like doing either. Tomorrow I need to post a writing tip. Because I have planned out my editorial calendar, I know what I need to write for tomorrow and am sitting at the keyboard writing it in Scrivener. Before the editorial calendar, I would have not posted anything today or tomorrow. But because I knew what I needed to write for tomorrow, it was easier to sit down and do it. That inspired this post.

When things are rolling, it doesn’t matter if you have a plan; but when they are not, a plan is everything.

Read about creating an editorial calendar click here

How do you make yourself do something you don’t feel like doing when you are not one hundred percent?

I walk into the room and am confronted with time; in the walls, the ceiling, the floor; in the light pouring through the large ballroom windows. A flash of people. Colorful people. The tinkle of voices rolls over my ears in alternating waves of loud and soft. Concentrate. A girl standing by the center window …

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Creating an editorial calendar can increase views, improve quality and make life easier. What Are the Blog Goals? I set a goal to increase my blog views 10% in 30 days which forced me to examine the stats, something I have not done. When posts are consistent views steadily increase; the more posts, the more …

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