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The video I posted of my standard poodle puppy Charming playing with a Rhodisian Ridgeback puppy was very popular. So I have collected a playlist of Dogs at the Pond.

But, first…

Here is a video of me teaching Charming to jump on the commend. You must first get them to do the behavior. This is what I’m doing here. It needs the Chariots of Fire theme behind it.

This is not the way to train a dog to jump. We were just have fun.


Dogs at the Pond August 2015

Charming is my white standard poodle. He is 7 months old in these videos. He was bred by Patti Jason of Targa Poodles in Saline, Michigan.

Writing prompt

Create a short story using the different dogs in these videos as characters.

One thought on “Slo-Mo Poodle

  1. jabrush1213 says:

    Love this video, you have an awesome dog.


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