The Legend Series by Marie Lu: A FranklyWrite Review


The Legend Series story moves seamlessly from book to book.

I read somewhere that Marie Lu wrote the series as a modern retailing of Les Misérables.  I confess, I never read it, only seen the musical.

I like the series. The first book is excellent. Day is an interesting character you want to spend time with, but what Ms. Lu excels at is creating worlds. The contrast between The Republic and The Colonies is an accomplishment. In Champion, the final book, we visit Antarctica a world I’d like to visit again.

In Legend, the Day chapters held my interest more than the June chapters. The June chapters became annoying in Prodigy. Ms. Lu seems to have felt the need to force romantic scenes between Day and June in Prodigy. A natural attraction existed between the characters from the the first time they met it. The story would have been better served if Ms. Lu let the romance take it’s natural course.

I did not want to run out and read the third installment, Champion, after reading, Prodigy. The story becomes slow and awkward toward the end of Prodigy and continues like that into the first third of Champion. Then it picks up when Day is back in action. The last three quarters of Champion is a fun, exciting read and the best part of the series.

Ms. Lu handles the alternating points of view adequately. Day is a multi-layered character who is not all good or all bad. June is a little flat, but she develops somewhat over the course of the books. The worlds are wonderful, you want to move in and explore them.

The hard cover editions I read were beautifully done printed with different color inks on nice paper.

What do you think of The Legend Series or the writing of Marie Lu?

4 responses to “The Legend Series by Marie Lu: A FranklyWrite Review”

    • It took me a year to force myself to read the third book. It really lolls in the second book. The third book is worth pushing through. It was interesting enough that I would read something else by her. I love her blog posts.

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