A Photo of Steaks.

via Photo Challenge: Growth

img_2379First, I had a heck of a time trying to post a photo on my blog. I use my iPhone to take all my photos and apparently during my hiatus Apple got rid of iPhoto and moved everything to Photos to make it easier to share photos across all devices. That’s great.

For some reason they removed the ability to export your photos to JPEG which is a must in order to use the photo on my blog. I started at 1 pm EST writing this post and it is now 5:39 pm EST and the only way I was able to get a photo to this blog was to download the WordPress App onto my iPhone and upload the photo from the phone. I didn’t want to do that because it’s inconvenient.

Photo exports in .MOV and .HFIV, but not .jpg. I tried manually changing the file extensions, I dragged and dropped 10 different ways, tried to use my old iPhoto App, I contacted Apple, I contacted WordPress (They tried to help) and nothing. I wanted to scream and throw my computer against the wall.

I am not going to write this post unless I can upload this photo on my iMac!!! I’m not! I’m not!! I’M NOT!!!

After the tantrum, I looked at the goal–to post a photo about growth. Not to post it in the most convenient way, but to get it done. No one but me cares how. I downloaded the WordPress app on to my phone and uploaded the photo to the Media and here it is.

My post was going to be about facing fears and succeeding in spite of them. I used to be afraid of the broiler and now I make excellent steaks with it. Instead it is about overcoming life’s frustrations and getting it done.  Not letting myself get pig-headed and digging in my heels and quitting because things aren’t going my way. I let it go and got it done. Growth of the soul.

Perseverance plus letting go equals growth.

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