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I edit old posts all the time. I came across this one and still think it is a good idea for a screenplay.


I wish I had a clone.

Cloning myself. Sci-fi isn’t my genre, but here it goes.

I would need two clones with independent thought, but who think like me with my memories, sensibilities  and talents.

Clone One or Cloe One would be responsible for the house work, this would include the dishes, snow removal, gardening, lawn care and all the research that goes with making decisions on things like should I cut down the 11 conifers in the yard that will eventually die from needle-cast? Do the gutters on the house need to be replaced and how much will that cost? She would learn things like basic plumbing, basic carpentry and other handyman type stuff so I don’t need to pay some one. If a contractor is needed, she will handle all that.  This clone will keep house better than me; vacuuming every three days, dusting; doing the bathroom once a…

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