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Take the 50-Word Story ChallengeTake the 50-word Story Challenge!

The 50-Word Story Challenge has been discontinued. The challenge got too popular for me to handle with my other commitments. It will return when I figure out a better way to run it.

A creative exercise to get the brain going.

Writing 50-word stories forces a writer to use every word. By writing them, the number of unnecessary words used in rough drafts will decrease; writing short synopsis will become easy; and the writer will learn how little is needed to create a character or set a scene.

Each month I will post a set of mini-prompts to write stories around. Try to do them all, but if you can only do one or two that is fantastic!.

There is one rule: the story must be 50 words or less not including the title and should be prose and not poetry.

The Prompts

This month it is photo prompts.  These are my photographs, but feel free to share and use them on your blogs, in your writing groups or as wallpaper.


One October Photo | Prompt



Two October Photo | Prompt


Three October Photo | Prompt


Four October Photo | Prompt


Five October Photo | Prompt


Six October Photo | Prompt


Deadline: End of October

I will post the stories on my blog!

Post them on your blog including a link to this page somewhere in the post and use the tag 50wordstoriesOct

Or use the Sumit 50-word Story form under the The 50-word Story Challenge menu to send them to me.

The Submit Form

On the form please include your By Line, or how you would like your name to appear, and a link to your website, blog, or social media profile of your choice. (You may skip this)

Indicate the title of the story if you have one (not counted in the 50 words) and the prompt.


Need more info on 50-word stories or need some examples? Check-out the 50-word story website.

Collected stories can be found monthly on this blog under the 50-word Story category.

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