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October 6, 2015

Thank you all who participated in the 50-word Story Challenge.

I apologize for not having the September Anthology together or the October prompts up yet; they will be photo prompts.

I have a number of projects that all needed my attention in September. Things like teaching class, preparing my poodle for agility training, editing my novel, and working on a musical with a friend of mine.

I hope to have the new challenge up tomorrow as well as the September Anthology. I am devoting the day to it. I cannot believe it is October 6th already!

Note for next year: Set up all September posts in August!


August was a stellar month for 50-word Stories. The photo prompts were very popular. I received so many entries at the beginning or the month, I had to stop replying to them. I found it interesting that my favorite photo, Six, sparked so many excellent stories. I snapped the photo because I liked the color …

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Sensory details and dialogue were the trends for the 50-word Story Challenge in July.  I am always amazed at what writer’s do with these often mundane prompts. Selfie Stick; Rain, rain go away; and 4th of July were the most popular prompts this month. 50-word stories are incredibly hard to write. It was difficult, but …

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It is amazing the prompts that spark the most stories. For April 2015 it was “foolish.” I did not expect that. The Stories This story from  876lover tickled me because it is a very different use of the prompt. Almshouse In our bundle, we held the left corner, facing the stage. Excitement flowing from our chatter. …

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It has been another good month for 50-word stories. I received lots of great bite-size stories and several from first-timers.  It was interesting, the most popular prompt was Not Enough Sleep. Did not expect that. The real winners and spoils are the writers who took the challenge and what they learned from it. Each writer …

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It was a good month for 50-word Stories. My story Composure was featured as the Valentine Day story on This encouraged Connell, a writer from Britain, to come over and take-up the challenge. He wrote ten 50-word stories using all the prompts.  Donna Johns of the Wishful Thinking blog wrote an amazing story about …

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