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  • When Dog Meets Dog

    When Dog Meets Dog

    There are more dogs out there than ever before. Negative encounters with other dogs are growing. This a cautionary story with tips on how to and how not to handle them and bullies.

  • Walk Away–Don’t Get Dog Scammed

    Walk Away–Don’t Get Dog Scammed

    Puppy scams are on the rise. Searching for puppies online these days brings up more scam sites than real ones. And it’s not only sales; adoption and re-homing scams are also on the rise. It’s understandable. People are home, isolated and seeking companionship. People who have never shopped online are now doing so and may…

  • My Poodle is a Bully

    My Poodle is a Bully

    My white Standard Poodle is a great dog. I can take him anywhere–almost.

  • When Your Dog Goes Missing

    When Your Dog Goes Missing

    It’s scary—you let your dogs out, you go to let them in and they are not there. What do you do? Or you’re out walking and suddenly a firework goes off; your dog takes-off in fear. What do you do? Prevention Prevention is worth a pound of cure. The best way to minimize losing your…