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Whew! Editing is hard work. Thursday I’m launching a blog series based on my story “Pollywogging.” The series will be titled, “Tales from a Suburban Childhood.” I have a million of these stories. Since there are very few outlets for publishing this type of fiction, I feel my blog is the best place for them. …

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Subscribing to a magazine may not sound like a writing tip, but it’s the  best one I was given so I’m passing it on. The first action I took when I returned to fiction writing was subscribing to Writer’s Digest. It had been years since I thought about the publishing world–playwrights, TV writers, don’t publish. I …

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  The Legend Series story moves seamlessly from book to book. I read somewhere that Marie Lu wrote the series as a modern retailing of Les Misérables.  I confess, I never read it, only seen the musical. I like the series. The first book is excellent. Day is an interesting character you want to spend …

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August 28, 2015

Starting on Monday, I will begin posting my writing. I have many plays, screenplay, teleplays and other stuff in my archives. I will post them from time to time. I need to figure-out how to format the plays for a blog, but that’s my issue.

I will be revamping my menus as well. My work will be found under Story Lines.

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