Live Life; Practice Writing

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I wish I had a clone. Cloning myself. Sci-fi isn’t my genre, but here it goes. I would need two clones with independent thought, but who think like me with my memories, sensibilities  and talents. Clone One or Cloe One would be responsible for the house work, this would include the dishes,…

Write every day. It is my favorite piece of writing advice. The post  “Should You Write Every Day? A Close Look at the Oldest Piece of Writing Advice,”  by Nathaniel Tower on Juggling Writer made me re-think how I give it. Reading the post, I realized Nathaniel and his followers do not know why, “Write every day,” …

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Today I crave a thing that cannot be obtained by a trip to the fridge or drive to the store. Money cannot buy it. My craving is from the brain, from the soul. I want to do the one thing I’m good at, the thing I love. Write. Unfettered and free. I want to write something to completion and have another person read it.
Today I am a writer.

June 12, 2017

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