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  • A Simple Way to Find the Beginning of Your Story

    via Daily Prompt: Static It is good to mix things up and not remain static. Today my goal is to write this, proof it and post in 20 minutes. Go! Dramatic writers have many conversations about the status quo. A play or screenplay is stasis, chaos, new stasis. As a new writer, the idea of…

  • Write Every Day—it’s the best thing you can do to invite inspiration and hone your craft.

    Write Every Day—it’s the best thing you can do to invite inspiration and hone your craft.

    Write every day. It is my favorite piece of writing advice. The post  “Should You Write Every Day? A Close Look at the Oldest Piece of Writing Advice,”  by Nathaniel Tower on Juggling Writer made me re-think how I give it. Reading the post, I realized Nathaniel and his followers do not know why, “Write every day,”…

  • Structure: A Free-form Approach

    Structure: A Free-form Approach

    New writers tend to run from structure, but structure is essential for a successful story. To the experienced writer structure is an old friend, a calming pill, a money spinner. This post presents a free-form approach to structure that will appeal to both pantsers and planners.

  • Self-Publishing: An Interview with M.D. Thalmann

    Self-Publishing: An Interview with M.D. Thalmann

    An interview with self-published author M.D. Thalmann and “The 13 Ways” brainstorming game by Roger Zelazny.

  • Baby Steps: How to Become a Disciplined Writer

    Baby Steps: How to Become a Disciplined Writer

      Most writing books and most writers say the key to success is discipline; sitting down every single day and writing. But no one tells you how to do it. You do it by forming a writing habit. I am great at hitting daily word goals if there is a deadline with a paycheck looming over…

  • Scrivener Increased my Productivity 10x

    Scrivener Increased my Productivity 10x

    What is Scrivener? Scrivener is a software program developed by a writer for writers to aid in the process of creating long texts. The company name is  Literature & Latte.  The “creating long text” is important and often left out when people recommend Scrivener. It is moderately priced making it accessible for most writers and…

  • Create-A-Character


    Originally posted on FranklyWrite: Character – the aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. Not a bad definition, actually. The trick is to make those traits appear to come from a life lived and serve a story. Severing the story while seeming to be real life is…

  • Shut-Up and Write It!

    Shut-Up and Write It!

    DO NOT TALK  OR WRITE ABOUT YOUR CURRENT PROJECT Drop into any writing group online and there are numerous posts by writers saying things like, “Need help!”  “What do you think of this…” and “Is this ____ any good?” followed by a thousand or more words explaining their novel, short story, play, screenplay or any…