Live Life and Practice Writing

Writing. What does it mean? To me it has always meant using words to create pictures that affect other people. That’s the high flalutin’ answer. The reality is sitting for hours staring at a computer screen, usually with a bad posture, and creating ways to translate what’s in your head to a blank page with correct grammar, spelling and tone.  It’s not easy. The biggest obstacle in this process is life. Life will interfere; but, life is the stuff of good writing. You cannot have one without the other. It’s the old writing catch-22.

Today I re-commit to work with my life to fuel this blog; to accept the lemons and combine them with oranges, honey, Himalayan salt and ginger to create a natural hydrating drink without all the sugar and peservatives that is refreshing and delishious.

Succesful blogs focus on one thing. I know that. But for a writer I think that can be fudged a bit; writing needs to be about something. I will continue to write about the craft of writing, but I will also begin to include posts about my life.

When I look at my life it includes things many people struggle with every day:

  1. Caring for an aging parent
  2. What’s for dinner
  3. Giving writing advice
  4. Living in suburbia
  5. Working for an hourly wage in a working class area.
  6. Seeking a job as an over fifty, over weight intelligent woman.
  7. My dogs.

Over the next year I will attempt to merge these things into one cohesive blog. Can I do it? I don’t know.

Life interrupted the writing of this short post. Life always interrupts, but it is me who stops. I am taking life off the excuse table.

My first challenges are to make my blog easier to navigate and to up my Fitbit step goal 500 steps.

What are you changing this year?

Today I crave a thing that cannot be obtained by a trip to the fridge or drive to the store. Money cannot buy it. My craving is from the brain, from the soul. I want to do the one thing I’m good at, the thing I love. Write. Unfettered and free. I want to write something to completion and have another person read it.
Today I am a writer.

June 12, 2017

This blog post is about writing a television spec script and contains the first part of a spec script written for the HBO show DEADEWOOD. It contains strong language and adult themes.

From time to time I decided I should share some of my work on this blog. Overall, I don’t think it’s a good idea to share current projects on the internet, but I see nothing wrong with sharing work that has served its purpose. This may help other writers who want to write a spec script. I know it would have helped me. Continue reading

Breaking down a large task into workable pieces is not easy for some people. This is the reason many write by the seat of their pants with no thought to the next step. For me, having a plan relieves stress. This post presents a loose plan any writer can use. Continue reading

New writers tend to run from structure, but structure is essential for a successful story. To the experienced writer structure is an old friend, a calming pill, a money spinner. This post presents a free-form approach to structure that will appeal to both pantsers and planners. Continue reading

At this time, I do not plan to self-publish, but there are a number of writers who do self-publish. I think it’s important to keep a finger on all parts of the publishing world. You never know what tomorrow is hauling behind it. I decided to present the experiences of some self-published writers. I think writers can always benefit from the experiences of other writers.

Note these six points the author stresses; you will see them again:

  1. Unknown, self-published authors don’t get a lot of respect.
  2. There is more to publishing a book then telling a good story.
  3. You must hire an editor
  4. Proofread, proofread, proofread
  5. The work does not end when the book is up for sale on Amazon.
  6. Despite what your friends sister-in-law’s brother does; most writers do not make a lot of money from self-published work.

Remember your self-published book is competing with books produced by the big publishing houses. When you put your book on Amazon you are competing with Dean Koontz, Steven King, J.K. Rowling and any and every author you ever admired.

Continue reading

If you like good stories, read this. If like Science Fiction, read this. If you like revisionist history, read this. If you like television, read this. If you like 50s era stuff, read this. Read it because it is wonderful to discover a new writer and then say, “I read him when…”

“The 13 Lives of a Television Repair Man,” is a story of a son’s relationship with his mother and how he learns to cherish her.  It unfolds in the world of television repair and contains both old and new technology. Continue reading

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