• DEADWOOD: A Spec Script

    DEADWOOD: A Spec Script

    This blog post is about writing a television spec script and contains the first Act of a spec script written for the HBO show DEADEWOOD. It contains strong language and adult themes. Deadwood: Brick By Brick.

  • Structure: A Simple Plan

    Structure: A Simple Plan

    Breaking down a large task into workable pieces is not easy for some people. This is the reason many write by the seat of their pants with no thought to the next step. For me, having a plan relieves stress. This post presents a loose plan any writer can use.

  • Structure: A Free-form Approach

    Structure: A Free-form Approach

    New writers tend to run from structure, but structure is essential for a successful story. To the experienced writer structure is an old friend, a calming pill, a money spinner. This post presents a free-form approach to structure that will appeal to both pantsers and planners.

  • Proofread–M.D. Thalmann

    Proofread–M.D. Thalmann

  • Self-Publishing: An Interview with M.D. Thalmann

    Self-Publishing: An Interview with M.D. Thalmann

    An interview with self-published author M.D. Thalmann and “The 13 Ways” brainstorming game by Roger Zelazny.

  • The 13 Lives of a Television Repair Man: A Review

    The 13 Lives of a Television Repair Man: A Review

    “The 13 Lives of a Television Repair Man,” is a story of a son’s relationship with his mother and how he learns to cherish her. It unfolds in the world of television repair and contains both old and new technology. Plus an interview with the author, M.D. Thalmann.

  • Lanford Wilson–Pushing Through

    Lanford Wilson–Pushing Through

    Playwright Lanford Wilson parrots the advice of many successful writers.

  • Roomba Poop

    Roomba Poop

    Everyone can use a good laugh. This Facebook post by Jesse Newton with his wife Kelly McQueen Newton brought laughing tears to my eyes. I had to share it. Some people see this as a reason not to get a Roomba, but the response from Hammacher Schlemmer, the sellers of Roomba, makes me want to purchase…