• Every Sentence–Kurt Vonnegut

    Every Sentence–Kurt Vonnegut

  • Baby Steps: How to Become a Disciplined Writer

    Baby Steps: How to Become a Disciplined Writer

      Most writing books and most writers say the key to success is discipline; sitting down every single day and writing. But no one tells you how to do it. You do it by forming a writing habit. I am great at hitting daily word goals if there is a deadline with a paycheck looming over…

  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; A great read with an interesting structure

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; A great read with an interesting structure

    Brilliantly done. This is a great read. I was pulled in from the first chapter by the mystery of who sent the flowers. Then it got less urgent, but still interesting. The big question for me was how the two starkly different characters; finical reporter, Mikael Blomkvist and investigative researcher, Lisbeth Salandar; were going to…

  • I Can’t Eat Exposure

    Originally posted on Carve & Draw: I don’t know why this is but there is this persistent assumption that artists of all stripes are happily willing to provide their artistic services for close to nothing, for exposure or just flat out free. So I’m not sure if people are aware of this but artists don’t…

  • Hemingway–Blood


  • Scrivener Increased my Productivity 10x

    Scrivener Increased my Productivity 10x

    What is Scrivener? Scrivener is a software program developed by a writer for writers to aid in the process of creating long texts. The company name is  Literature & Latte.  The “creating long text” is important and often left out when people recommend Scrivener. It is moderately priced making it accessible for most writers and…

  • I Finished. I Posted. People Read.

    Craving; brings to mind a pregnant sitcom character trying to sit in a chair while devouring ice cream and pickles. Don’t know why. Maybe because craving is TV lingo for, “this character is pregnant.” That’s not my craving. Today I crave a thing that cannot be obtained by a walk to the fridge or drive…

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