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August 28, 2015

Starting on Monday, I will begin posting my writing. I have many plays, screenplays, teleplays and other stuff in my archives. I will post them from time to time. I need to figure-out how to format the plays for a blog, but that’s my issue.

I will be revamping my menus as well. My work will be found under Fiction.

Unless you are an established writer or have made inroads into a niche, you need social media. Agent queries need to include information about your writing platform. They want to see you already possess the know-how to participate in the promotion of your work.  Some even request you include a marketing plan. “I don’t need …

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Creating an editorial calendar can increase views, improve quality and make life easier. What Are the Blog Goals? I set a goal to increase my blog views 10% in 30 days which forced me to examine the stats, something I have not done. When posts are consistent views steadily increase; the more posts, the more …

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Time for something fun! Many writers tell me their lives are boring. These writers often produce boring stories about vampires. Many of them are good writers, but they don’t know where to pan for gold. In the blogosphere, there are a number of personal blogs and their creators don’t consider themselves writers. They write about …

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I found this blog post by Joe Bunting very useful. Want to Be a Better Writer? Cut These 7 Words. The difference between active and passive voice is difficult for writers to grasp because it is feeling in writing. People tend to speak in passive language because it is considered polite, so we hear it …

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