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  • The October Prompts are Up!

    Thank-you for your patience. It is photo prompts this month! You can find them here: October 50-word Story Challenge    

  • The Time Reader

    The Time Reader

    I walk into the room and am confronted with time; in the walls, the ceiling, the floor; in the light pouring through the large ballroom windows. A flash of people. Colorful people. The tinkle of voices rolls over my ears in alternating waves of loud and soft. Concentrate. A girl standing by the center window…

  • 50-word Story Round-Up March 2015

    It has been another good month for 50-word stories. I received lots of great bite-size stories and several from first-timers.  It was interesting, the most popular prompt was Not Enough Sleep. Did not expect that. The real winners and spoils are the writers who took the challenge and what they learned from it. Each writer…