• A White Woman, Racism and a Poodle

    A White Woman, Racism and a Poodle

    I have not told this story before. I worry how it will be received. I don’t know the right language to express it other than my own thoughts and feelings. This post is not for people of color because they already know it. This is for white people living in suburbs and small towns who…

  • A Story Twice Told

    What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times? I wasn’t going to do this prompt, but it occurred to me it is a great way to practice quick research and getting facts, dates and spelling of names correct. As I got into it, it was fun. Especially watching “Chuckles Bites the…

  • Diane Kirda’s Pool

    Diane Kirda’s Pool

    Originally posted on Writing Practice: What experiences in life helped you grow the most? As a writer I like to focus on the experiences that aren’t the monuments in our lives; birthdays, graduations, Holidays, death of parents, going to college. Of course these things change us. I would say I grew the most going to…

  • A Whole Lotta White People Just Don’t Get it.

    A Whole Lotta White People Just Don’t Get it.

    A collection of comments on the post, “A White Woman, Racism and a Poodle.”

  • Walk Away–Don’t Get Dog Scammed

    Walk Away–Don’t Get Dog Scammed

    Puppy scams are on the rise. Searching for puppies online these days brings up more scam sites than real ones. And it’s not only sales; adoption and re-homing scams are also on the rise. It’s understandable. People are home, isolated and seeking companionship. People who have never shopped online are now doing so and may…

  • Speed Racer

    Speed Racer

    Speed Racer banner 1970s We moved to the new house in 1970, so I must have fell head-over-heels for Speed in 1973-74 when I was seven and in the third grade. That year our local TV station WJBK Channel 50 UHF Detroit began running the cartoon at 3 pm about the time school got out…

  • My Poodle is a Bully

    My Poodle is a Bully

    My white Standard Poodle is a great dog. I can take him anywhere–almost.