Two Cloes

I wish I had a clone.

Cloning myself. Sci-fi isn’t my genre, but here it goes.

I would need two clones with independent thought, but who think like me with my memories, sensibilities  and talents.

Clone One or Cloe One would be responsible for the house work, this would include the dishes, snow removal, gardening, lawn care and all the research that goes with making decisions on things like should I cut down the 11 conifers in the yard that will eventually die from needle-cast? Do the gutters on the house need to be replaced and how much will that cost? She would learn things like basic plumbing, basic carpentry and other handyman type stuff so I don’t need to pay some one. If a contractor is needed, she will handle all that.  This clone will keep house better than me; vacuuming every three days, dusting; doing the bathroom once a week or more, scooping out the litter pans every day–wait if they are like me, would they do this?

Okay, Cleo One would need to be me in my twenties when I had more energy.

Cloe Two would work a full-time job and do all the stuff for my father like take him to the the doctor, maintain his prescriptions, listen to his stories and increasing racist views of the world. She would also manage his finances. It would be good if this clone were 30 making her more employable in the current job market and bringing in more money than I currently do.

Writing, cooking (I write a cooking blog), and walking the dogs; would be my responsibilities . I know it does not sound like much, but writing is hard work. If it were just doing the writing, it would not be bad, but when it comes to making money at it, that is a bigger chore. You have to develop a writing platform, keep up on your market, and constantly seek new opportunities. It is a good idea to keep new short stories out on the market which requires a lot of research and organization.

Creating and maintaining a writing platform is time consuming. It is more than writing a blog, sending a few tweets, and creating a Facebook author page. You have to engage the audience and offer them something other than the privilege of receiving a tweet or Instagram from you. You have to do a lot of reading and develop a genuine interest of other people. This is much more than pasting a link to your blog all over the place. And the kicker is you need to build a following before you have a published book to help you. Sure I have written plays and a few episodes of children’s shows, and that helps, but it is a lot of work and people always want to know what you are working on now.

I need to do all that plus write and edit stories–wait. Hmmm….If most of my mundane tasks are done by the Cleos, what will I write about? My best ideas come to me while doing or because of these chores that seem to get in the way of my writing. Add to that managing two Cloes…I would need to make sure they had enough work and get reports and a bunch of other things….

Maybe a clone to manage the Cloes? Where would they sleep? No…I’ll pass on the clones for now. Sounds like too much work.

Wait–a writer who is convinced her writer’s block is due to her life getting in the way of her work has two Cloes created and learns the true problem is she needs to stop hiding in her writing and embrace life–that sounds like a good story. A comedy. Maybe even a romantic comedy. Oh, this one’s going in the file!

What do you think?

9 responses to “Two Cloes”

  1. I love this!! It brings the most out of you. We all need to consider to keep motivating ourselves, so through our writing we can tell a story which basically can help someone else in need. Great topic!! 🙏🌸💗


  2. Oooh – your life sounds almost more chaotic than mine. If it helps, I offer to clone and loan my clone to you. She’s still in her 30s and – minus the need to leave for daycare pickup at 4:15 every two-weeks for two weeks is SUPER employable! I think she could play well into the story. Because she’s a hard worker. Although she could use some sleep. And would be curious about benefits. Any. Benefits.

    Enjoyed this post.


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